Asus Blue Cave Smart Wi-Fi router review

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The Good: Asus’ Blue Cave offers top rates at a moderate cost. The menu gives you access to pretty much every setting possible. Free security from Trend Micro gives included genuine feelings of serenity. Alexa and IFTTT are upheld.


The Bad: Network stockpiling move velocities were moderate. Always disclosing to companions that it’s really a switch may bother.

The Bottom Line: It’s a cool looking switch with a major, blue-rimmed gap in the center. It has loads of speed, highlights, and security at a reasonable cost. The menu and application give you as much command over your system as you need.

  • In the event that you need a switch that has style, speed, security, and incredible Wi-Fi inclusion, the Asus Blue Cave AC2600 switch is the one you need. At $175 or £180 (which changes over to about AU$320), it’s moderate and has all the most recent 802.11ac highlights.
  • It’s not average at all – particularly with a vast blue opening that lights up in the center, making it look sort of like a speaker or subwoofer. You’ll cherish the inside and out web interface on the off chance that you truly need to redo your settings, or you can utilize the Asus Router application to rapidly set up a set-it-and-overlook its home system.
This current switch’s structure just knocked my socks off
  • The Blue Cave is a little white box with a major, blue-rimmed gap in the center that lights up. It’s a long ways from the outsider bug robot plans we’ve seen since the commencement of switches, however, this odd looking gadget is fascinating enough to be a discussion piece.
  • The back is populated with heaps of ventilation gaps, further adding to its eye-getting nature.
  • With respect to work, you get one gigabit WAN port for web, four Gigabit LAN ports for your wired gadgets and one USB 3.0 port for printers, organize capacity or charging your cell phones. There are additionally a couple of littler catches for WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup), reset and power. Asus worked admirably structuring a cool-looking gadget while consolidating every one of the ports and catches you need.
The menu is its secret weapon
  • Simply utilize an Ethernet link to interface the switch to your modem and you’re prepared to go.
  • Presently the genuine fun starts – that is on the off chance that you like to redo each and every one of your switch settings. The Asus web interface gives you access to all the standard settings, for example, changing your Wi-Fi secret word, setting up a visitor Wi-Fi arrange and rebooting your switch, yet the propelled settings are crazy. In the event that you’ve utilized Asus switches previously, you ought to be acquainted with the interface. For novices, prepare to assume full responsibility for your home system.
  • The Blue Cave offers the top to bottom nature of administration (QoS) to organize which gadgets on your system can utilize the most transmission capacity.
  • There’s additionally AiProtection, which gives simple to-utilize parental controls and reward organize security controlled by Trend Micro. This free lifetime administration identifies malware and infections, leads a switch security evaluation, and averts spam and DDoS assaults. Asus likewise offers free one-year membership for extra antivirus programming, which you can introduce on up to four gadgets.
  • The menu is apparently interminable. Besides the application has all the standard settings, in addition to some propelled ones for security, USB arranges capacity and parental controls. Regardless of what your dimension of systems administration learning, you ought to have the option to get your gadgets associated without an issue.
Asus gives you its opening best stuff
  • It offers hypothetical paces of 800 megabits for each second (Mbps) on 2.4GHz and 1,733Mbps on 5GHz. Its 4×4 radio wires give four spatial streams from everyone just as beamforming for quick long-run associations. The main thing missing is MU-MIMO, which would give the switch a chance to send information to numerous gadgets without a moment’s delay. Asus said that this element will be included in June, in any case.
  • It has band-guiding, which gives the switch a chance to pick the best system for your gadgets to associate with, support for IPv6 for included security and you can utilize it as a wired passageway or remote extension to expand your system. In July, the Blue Cave will likewise bolster AiMesh, which will enable it to remotely expand your system by interfacing it to different Asus organizing gadgets.
  • You can without much of a stretch utilize the USB 3.0 port for a printer, a 3G/4G remote dongle for versatile web or system stockpiling to back up your information. The executives through the web interface for system stockpiling is thorough as well. It even backings Apple’s Time Machine reinforcement.
  • Need more comfort? The Blue Cave works with Amazon Alexa and IFTTT (If This, Then That) for voice-controlled and computerized keen highlights. At the present time, Alexa can turn your visitor Wi-Fi arrange on or off, delay your web, reboot the switch, turn on different system prioritization modes, check for firmware updates and interface new gadgets.
A dark blue ocean of Wi-Fi
  • For something that resembles a square donut, it gives great speed and inclusion. This is the quickest speed I’ve seen at that separation in CNET’s Smart Home. That implies you ought to get great inclusion in a medium to a huge home.
  • The Blue Cave didn’t frustrate on 5GHz either. It beat out at 902Mbps at short proximity, an offering would like to the developing populace of fiber web clients.
  • The main protest I have about the Blue Cave is that its system stockpiling velocities were close to the most exceedingly awful I’ve seen. I tried the USB 3.0 port with an ADATA SD700 256GB outside strong state drive, downloading and transferring 1GB and 2GB test documents.
Would it be advisable for you to get one?
  • The Blue Cave captivated me with its cerulean vortex and astounded me with its plenty of highlights and extremely quick speed. Its menu may overpower for some individuals, yet the application is significantly more sensible. I’ll take an excessive number of choices over insufficient quickly – the default settings should work fine and dandy in most medium to huge homes.
  • I’d prescribe the Blue Cave to any individual who needs style, speed, and security from their opening home system. Alright, I’m done at this point.

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