Samsung ML-2525W review

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The Good: Cheap; Samsung prints fantastic content and designs overwhelming reports; USB, remote and Ethernet network; little impression.


The Bad: Lacks auto duplexing; ships with the starter toner cartridge.

The Bottom Line: The Samsung ML-2525W monochrome laser printer doesn’t pack in additional highlights, however, conveys beneficial upgrades over past ages in yield speed and quality. We exceptionally prescribe this remote workhorse on the off chance that you will not forfeit quality for reasonableness.

  • The Samsung ML-2525W is straightforward ordinarily: it just prints dark, however, offers the upsides of manual twofold sided printing, a solitary sheet plate, and remote systems administration.
  • For every one of that, its greatest aid for home workplaces, understudies, and private companies (particularly in this post-subsidence economy) is its $150 sticker price, making it one of the least expensive laser printers we’ve tried to date. We have no issue suggesting the ML-2525W dependent on its capacity to produce close faultless prints in record time at an extraordinary cost.
Structure and Features
  • Laser printers have earned themselves a scarred notoriety for their yawn-actuating plans, and in spite of the fact that the ML-2525W doesn’t stray a long way from the crowd, Samsung structured a couple of bits of pizazz to separate it.
  • The physical highlights haven’t changed much since the Samsung ML-2851ND, except for a level dark completion and a finished check example covering the paper plate on top. Incidentally, Samsung likewise figured out how to eliminate the excess to 16.9 pounds, an entire 9 pounds lighter than the ML-2851ND. It’s additionally marginally littler, estimating just 7.8 inches tall, 14.2 inches wide, and 15.3 inches down.
  • The highest point of the unit has one major power catch and two LCDs that demonstrate print movement and system status.
  • There’s additionally a catch for demo print and another to drop a print work. The info plate bolsters into the base and can hold the standard 250 sheets of paper, yet Samsung additionally gives you the choice of buying a 250-sheet cabinet frill. At long last, a manual plate found just beneath the toner-get to deal with gives you a chance to bolster single sheets of media into the printer.
  • Samsung offers an assortment of approaches to associate the ML-2525W to a PC. The back of the gadgets has a standard USB 2.0 port for wired access, however, you likewise get an Ethernet port for wired systems administration and an 802.11b/g print server for the remote network.
  • Every one of the three techniques expects you to interface the printer to the USB 2.0 line first before sniffing out systems, and we had the option to build up an association with our lab’s remote system in under five minutes utilizing the well-ordered guidelines on the driver.
  • When you begin, you can access paper estimate, work, flipping auto-duplexing (imprinting on the two sides of a sheet of paper), and other general settings through the showcase screen or you can adjust the more mind-boggling choices through the driver menu, for example, print goals (up to 1200 dpi), security, arrange data, toner murkiness, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.
  • The product naturally introduces a little status screen into the Windows taskbar, however, it doesn’t show occupation advance or tell the client when consumables are running low.
  • A standout amongst the most widely recognized grievances about laser printers is the cost of consumables.
  • Samsung offers a reasonable $75 high-limit cartridge that will keep going for 2,500 pages as per Samsung, however we should take note of that the ML-2525W boats with a 1,000 page “Starter Toner Cartridge,” a subtle cut that may make them drop more money on consumables before you know it, contingent upon your normal print volume.
  • The ML-2525W isn’t the flashiest printer on the rack, however, it absolutely sets the pace for the remainder of the monochrome laser to advertise as far as to print speed and yield quality.
  • It’s genuinely uncommon to see a printer wrench out content, designs, and PowerPoint introductions at a similar speed, however, this Samsung keeps up a strong 20 pages for every moment in all cases, generally a similar speed as the ML-2851ND.
  • Like most mono-lasers, the Samsung content quality outcomes were brilliant, with dull lines and even thickness in intense text styles and enormous lettering. Exploring through the driver, you’ll discover choices to “Print all content to dark” and “Print all content to obscure,” which do precisely what they state: they enable the printer to make dim lines and content significantly darker, upgrading strong characters for additional accentuation all through the page, most prominently on enormous squares of dark shading.
  • This model likewise enhances past emphases that battled with our test illustrations record. The example page from the ML-2525W highlights unobtrusive development from dark to-white degrees and inside changing rates of shading.
  • We don’t anticipate that numerous clients should depend on their monochrome laser for photographs, however, our introduction tests with point by point pictures are worthy for an expert situation.
Administration and Support
  • Samsung bolsters the ML-2525W with a one-year, constrained guarantee and without toll technical support. Samsung’s online Support Center additionally offers a how-to direct, a FAQ, and programming downloads, including drivers, manuals, and firmware refreshes.

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