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6 Effective Ways To Make Money Online Using YouTube!

You have been familiar with YouTube for a while and up until now, you are yet to realize the value and success it could bring to your online Internet Business. Making money online, as a Marketer or product owner has been is not an easy thing, so don`t be fooled by many internet marketers out there who tell you otherwise.

I am going to teach you how you too can make money using YouTube. Now hear this, many people know the power of YouTube but never tap it to drive traffic to their Blogs because of the mere fact that they don`t know how.

To let a YouTube video ranks higher is a lot easier than trying to make a blog page rank high in the first page of Google.

All that is needed from you is to follow 3 simple steps.

  • Send viewers to your YouTube videos.
  • Create backlinks to every live YouTube video you published.
  • Ping your YouTube video.

The truth of the matter is that majority of newbie marketer who tried to make money online end up quitting before they even make a single cent, and their Internet marketing dream will just end up being just a pipe dream.

Maybe you are like most people who   have bought a series of money making tutorial eBooks, or you are one those who have attended expensive seminars and yet you end up been more frustrated, discouraged and even suffering from all the information over loads.

You have tried various means to make money online fast but none has worked out.

YouTube is one of the most visited websites on the on the internet, it’s the third website with the highest traffic in the world after Google and Facebook. YouTube is a place where people share a series of videos mostly important, their funny and informative ones.

YouTube attracts massive tons of traffic and according to statistics, over 1 billion visit to the website per day.

There are numerous ways you could benefit from this traffics and start smiling to your bank at all times. Before you could start making money with YouTube, you must have a video to upload. The type of video you upload matters a lot to your business as this videos will determine the level of income you will get.

Now here are 6 most effective ways to make money online, with YouTube starting from today.

Promote your products and services

Does it sound strange? That’s probably because no one has ever reveal such huge secret for free or you have not come across such information yourself. As I have stated earlier, YouTube attracts one of the highest visitors daily all over the world with many of the visitors looking for solution to a problem.

Having a product that can put a bay on a problem implies that YouTube visitors will end up being your customer as they buy your product once they are convinced by the product review.

Sell affiliate products

Affiliate marketing is a strategy used by product owners to promote their products by offering sales commissions to merchants. Without outsourcing for paid traffic, merchants can easily promote any product doing a video review on YouTube, for instance, if you have a video review on dog training, you could research affiliate programs websites (Click bank, Amazon, jvzoo) for products related to dog training and place the link into the video description.

Video Monetizing

It’s possible to earn hundreds of dollars every month through a single video depending on the number of clicks you get. Video monetizing is done by placing other peoples’ ads such as event advert, products adverts, websites, company adverts (Google AdSense) to appear whenever someone views the video.

Sell Links

An informative video with thousands of views means that advertisers might contact you and pay you to insert their links into your video. Depending on the period their link stays, you could bargain a lot on the video.

Build Your Email List

This is another powerful strategy and my favorite one, you could start using to make money online fast. With the help of YouTube, you could get thousands of subscribers to join your list from a link on your YouTube videos. You could turn your subscribers to your ATM machine each time you promote a product to them.

Sell the Channel

This works after you have built huge amount of channel subscribers. Building channel subscribers could take time and this gives you the chance to sell your huge subscribers to video marketers who can’t wait to build subscribers to their channel or do not have idea of how it’s being done.

Now you know how to can start monetizing those YouTube videos and earn a passive income, starting from today.

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Patrick Sekhoto.